Please note that the invasive plant lists are not definitive, with many other plants yet to be screened using the Invasive Plant Risk Assessment Tool. It is also important to note that all plants are under constant review based on new and improved evidence. In order to make the most informed plant choice possible, please seek professional advice from your nearest garden centre by clicking HERE or visit Useful Links page of this website.

The Invasive Plant Risk Assessment Tool is an initiative of the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) which aims to educate all consumers about invasive plants. This tool contains information on the potential invasiveness of over 1,000 plants grown and sold throughout Australia. It has been developed through a scientific risk assessment process following a collaborative partnership which involved the nursery industry, government departments and several botanic gardens from across Australia.

Each plant has been assessed against set criteria to determine the level of invasive plant risk (i.e. low, medium or high) for each of the following six climatic regions: equatorial, tropical, subtropical, desert, grassland and temperate.

You can use this website to determine if a given plant is potentially invasive across any location in Australia. In order to do this, either click on the climatic region (i.e. equatorial, tropical, subtropical, desert, grassland and temperate) that best corresponds to where you want to grow the plant or click on the �New Search� tab above and follow the prompts. Plants which have been scientifically assessed as low risk Australia wide have been given a green tick (Low risk) rating.